Effective, Relevant and Awesome: How to Make Business Brochures that Work

Printed business brochures can have many uses, especially when there is a marketing strategy behind the design and sales copy before you even open the design program.

A lot of businesses approach the task of brochure designing with the belief that the product itself offers little or no value in terms of return.

Most will slap on some images of their product, throw together a quick description and some marketing jargon of how their services and products are superior to their competitors.

Your business brochure will then sit on your prospect’s desk along with the many others that have been collected for research and consideration.

You have done a great job blending in with the rest… Atta Boy!

With a little more effort and time focused on your business brochure, you can easily up your game and create some solid success for your brand.

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before acting upon any ideas that have come to mind during any brainstorming sessions.

Remember, 99% of the people that will be looking at your business brochure don’t really care about your services or products. They are likely tired of marketing jargon and the many brands that continuously, and shamefully, glorify themselves.

Seriously, they don’t.

These potential clients are going to read your brochure because they need or want a problem solved that they are dealing with. They want to know that the person on the other side of your printed brochure is qualified to deal with their specific problem and that they understand the issues.


If you don’t know who you will be creating your printed brochure for, then you will be creating it for yourself. This strategy has been proven over and over again to fail.

Don’t ever assume that, just because you would or wouldn’t react to a marketing tactic, that your audience would do the same.

Will you be handing these professional business brochures out at trade shows? In the lobby of your business? At meetings? Will you be mailing these to prospective customers or clients? Or maybe a combination of these efforts?

All of these methods of delivery have some very specific elemental differences for you to consider. What if you were to incorporate all of these elements into one attractive brochure?

No, I am not saying that you should try to talk to everyone. What I am getting at is this:

If your brochure could speak to all of the people within your target audience, no matter where they are located, you would be able to focus on one simple design.

Clearly, this design would undoubtedly offer valuable, relevant and helpful content capable of solving client problems.

Don’t fall victim to the perils of ugly typography or fall victim to those hard to read paragraphs and obnoxious colors. Nobody will read your brochure if, after one glance, they can see it offers nothing but a headache.

A good design shouldn’t wow people.

In fact, your business brochure should eliminate distraction all together, allowing readers to focus on the most important part of the publication – the content.


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    1. @roerhetaph thanks for commenting and sorry about not replying to your comment sooner. I couldn’t agree with you more. Though when focusing on Who, Why, and Where I believe will put you ahead of glorified marketing jargon.

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