Print Marketing – Taking Advantage of the Road Less Traveled

We have come a long way in the world of print marketing, revolutionizing the way you and many other entrepreneurs do business.

The technology is nothing less than amazing, paving the way for some of the most attention-grabbing and memorable print marketing strategies ever devised!

While other business owners are putting all of their eggs in one basket by choosing to focus on online and social media marketing, now is a perfect time for you to take advantage of print marketing.

Viable and effective, print marketing has been overlooked by many entrepreneurs lured away by the ‘bells and whistles’ of the Internet.


Print Marketing is not Dead

Advertise your business with modern technology in the form of print marketing, and you will see incredible exposure and great feedback, as well as many other benefits that other marketers are missing out on.

Here are some great reasons to choose print marketing the next time your company needs an effective and memorable campaign that will help them STAND OUT and get ahead of the competition.


Print Marketing Media is an Attention Grabber!

There was a time when people were overwhelmed daily with magazines, catalogs, fliers, newsletters and other circulating print media, but today those items are dwindling.

Print marketing posed serious competition as the mailbox was often filled with offers.

Today, email accounts are overwhelmingly full of offers, deals, and even spam as online marketing campaigns are all the rage, and the mailbox remains practically empty – save for a few bills.


“Did you know that most people read their junk mail before opening their bills?”

This creates a fantastic opportunity for those who wish to take advantage of modern print technology, allowing entrepreneurs to grab and keep the attention of potential customers.

By choosing print marketing, your direct mail media fills a void for consumers while gaining far more importance than any email campaign.


Change your focus with print media

Technology is changing the industry fast with new printing processes accelerating the changes. As a result of the evolution, digital print technologies were discovered.

They allow you to print small quantities of highly targeted pieces on substrates that were imaginable in the past.

This means that the customer gets short runs, many substrates and highly targeted. With these kinds of tools at our disposal, we bring new creative solutions for our clients.


Print marketing actually means less cost

As a business owner, you want more bang for your buck. This is why to run an effective marketing campaign you need a low cost per impression. This is one that can reach a significant number of people at the lowest possible cost.

In fact according to a study done popular promotional items such as caps and shirts have a lower average cost per impression when compared to online marketing.

Print media also has a high return ratio across all industries which is great for your business. In print marketing, there are no audience development costs that can sometimes be high.

You have a big advantage since you will just send it to those on the mailing list.


Bring back the old and make it new again

Online content and social media are a big part of the marketing mix today but what excites us as marketers is what is not being done or what is non-traditional.

What we want is something new and different. The print channel is new again and is experiencing a rebirth.

Even though print media can lead to success, it is not guaranteed.

We will help you develop an effective print strategy that will not only put your brand in the spotlight but also excite your audience. To make your mark, we will help you approach print media a little differently.

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