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Let’s Talk E-Commerce

E-commerce and the future If you are going to be a sustainable business moving forward you will need to capitalize on e-commerce in one form or another. If you don’t think there’s an e-commerce market for your business, you need … Read More

2021 Farmers Markets
Supporting Local Business

*Read this first before moving onto the main post. In the article I list a few different farmers markets currently scheduled to open over the next couple of months. If you are someone who attends these or knows a local … Read More

digital marketing and website SEO
Digital Print and Website SEO

At North American Printing in Salt Lake City, we specialize in both printed material and custom digital print & website SEO. This is what makes us different from every other print shop in Salt Lake City. We get asked all … Read More

Custom Printing in Salt Lake city
The NEW Normal

Hard to believe we’ve been printing in Salt Lake City for 16 years. It’s even harder to believe after the year we had in 2020. Who are we to complain though? Our doors are still open when so many other … Read More

Send a Thank You postcard to your customers

Thank You postcards are priceless in optimizing the connection between your business and customers. They help your business to stand out among your valued customers and bolster long-term loyalty if they are well designed – unlike other marketing strategies that … Read More

Why Oversized Postcards Make A Difference

We all know that postcard mailings have gotten a bad rap over the last few years or so. Most peoples complaints usually consist of high cost, low return rate or direct mail just doesn’t work. However, me being in the … Read More


I’ve heard it said that nobody really uses business cards anymore. Huh? I just spent the morning visiting our business neighbors in the our little business park. I picked up at least 20 business cards. Literally everyone I talked to … Read More

Custom Envelopes in Salt Lake City

When NorthAmerican Printing got started in the Salt Lake Valley nearly 15 years ago, it was envelopes and large quantity envelope printing that put on on the map. We still specialize in that area and print tremendous quantities of envelopes … Read More

Photoshop Black vs. CMYK Black

Designing for print can be quite the task for beginners and even seasoned designers at times. One of the problems we seem to run into quite a bit is helping customers use the right black for printing. A lot of … Read More

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