Digital Print and Website SEO

At North American Printing in Salt Lake City, we specialize in both printed material and custom digital print & website SEO. This is what makes us different from every other print shop in Salt Lake City. We get asked all the time, what makes us different from the other print shops, the answer is easy. We do more to help small business.

North American Printing started 16 years ago like most other print shops. We saw a need for quality printing and set out to fill it. We still do that and do a very good job with it. Then 2020 happened. We recognized that business needs were changing, and we needed to change as well. With everyone staying home, the need for digital print material grew exponentially.

We are much different from your traditional print shop. What makes us different is our digital print offering. Something no other print shop in Salt Lake City offers. We create both types of print material.

Need business cards? We definitely do that.

Having difficulty driving traffic to your website? We do that as well.

Custom digital print

Let me ask you this. What is printed material used for? Marketing right? Be it business cards, vinyl signage, envelopes, door hangers, note cards, stickers, it’s all marketing. It’s marketing you can hold in your hand and feel.

Digital print is getting seen in search results. Custom digital print is getting you and your business noticed above everyone else.

Remember the last time you Googled something? How do the first page results get there? I’m referring to the organic search results. Those results, who Google determines to be at the top of the first page, this is called “search engine optimization”. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is language that many companies don’t speak and don’t understand. That’s understandable, it’s complicated.

How to utilize search engine optimization and get your website found on the first page.
SEO graph and what’s involved.

Search Engine Optimization?

A lot of business owners, large and small, think that search results “just happen”. A lot of business owners, in fact most business owners, have no idea how much work and effort goes into optimizing a website. SEO involves so many aspects, which is why it’s so confusing. There is so much more to SEO than just building a website. You’ve spent countless hours on your business, it’s time to get found and to get found you need to speak the language.

Well you’re in luck because we speak both languages, print and SEO. We will help you get noticed. We can help create both custom print and custom digital print material. So whether your customers are online or in person, they’ll know how to find you.

We are your one stop for all things digital print related. There is no need to hire 2 or 3 different companies. Now one company in Salt Lake City does both. We are here to make website analytics easy and affordable.

We’d love to do a free website audit for you. No strings.

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