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We’re More Than Just Envelopes

Aluminum print? Keep reading.

I met with a long-time customer of ours the other day. Now that the year-who-shall-not-be-named is over, I’ve been meeting in person as much as I can and as much as people are comfortable with. I want to see how people are doing, how businesses are doing and how everyone is feeling about 2021. If we as a business are going to survive we need to adapt but first we need to know what we’re adapting to. What did I learn? I learned a few things, 2 of which standout above the others.

1. E-commerce is growing faster than I knew.

2. People think we only do envelopes.

Our legal business name is North American Envelope, LLC. We started 16 years ago doing that, printing envelopes. Over the years we’ve added products and different ways to print and different things to print on. With a name like “North American Envelope”, it didn’t matter what we added and how many business cards we printed, we were the envelope people. We love envelopes and always will. That will always be our forte. We want you to know we do so much more.


We can print any size and shape of sticker you want. Print your logo on 500 2″ x 2″ stickers and put them on your e-commerce mailer. Print a few hundred stickers for your website or print a few hundred of some custom artwork you want to show off. There’s no wrong reason to have a sticker made.

Business Cards

Yes, we do regular old business cards. Did you know we also do velvet touch business cards? What’s velvet touch you ask? It’s actually exactly how it sounds. It’s a specific laminate that gets added to a business card to give it a silky, velvety feel. They feel amazing. I like when people give me a business card that memorable. Unless that memorable is the size of business card that doesn’t fit in my wallet. Don’t be that person. Nobody likes an odd shaped business card. Trust me. People do love a super soft, silky smooth business card though, that I promise.

Vinyl Print

Who’s excited for farmers markets to come back? I know I am. You can’t have a proper farmers market booth with proper signage. Vinyl print is still the best way to do that. Large print vinyl signage is inexpensive and looks great. We’ll make your logo look great on large print. A tabletop sign with a QR code is a great way to get customers engaged when they’re visiting your farmers market booth. Send us your image or artwork, what size you need, and we’ll get it done.

Aluminum Print

I told you I’d get to it. Aluminum print, also known as metal print, is a beautiful way to display any type of high quality image. It’s something that’s really hard to explain and something you need to see in person to fully appreciate. Landscapes, family photos, art work, logos, everything looks absolutely stunning when it’s printed on aluminum. The best way to describe it is like this. Think of a normal printed image as non-HD. You know how a non-HD program appears on TV? An aluminum printed image is the HD version. Colors are more vibrant, blacks are blacker, whites are whiter, ever color has a depth to it that nothing else can produce. We do that. In fact, you can even upload an image and order a 12″ x 16″ printed image from our website.

Aluminum Dye Sublimation
Rocky ground on aluminum photo panel

There are some real benefits and advantages when printing on metal like this. Here are a few.

  • No need to worry about fingerprints or blemishes on the surface. A microfiber cloth and household cleaner can be used to clean dye sub prints. Perfect for public spaces and other high traffic areas.
  • Very light weight
  • Fire retardant and hold up against high heat
  • Zero glass to worry about breaking. Nothing more is needed to protect the image.
  • Resistant against chemicals and bacteria.

What Else Do We Print?

We do so much more, and we’d love to talk with you about it. Let us help you with delivering your message. When you talk with as many small businesses as we do, we know a lot about what’s popular and what other businesses are doing. We want to partner with you and be your consultant. Yes we print stuff and do a great job, but we want to be your partner and help build your business.

Call us or email us. We want to help.

– Chris


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