Send a Thank You postcard to your customers

Thank You postcards are priceless in optimizing the connection between your business and customers. They help your business to stand out among your valued customers and bolster long-term loyalty if they are well designed – unlike other marketing strategies that may be regarded as ‘noise’ by your clients.

Why It Works

Below are some of the reasons why sending a Thank You postcard to your client works in favor of your business:

  • High success rate – Recent empirical studies have shown that Thank You postcards stand a high rate of success — as more than 98 percent of recipients will open them. This is an unbelievable rerun rate that guarantees you that Thank You postcards will work for you.
  • Effective customer interaction– Thank You postcards allow you to interact with your customers in a special way, so that your business stands out from the ‘white noise’ crowd. This is because the cards do not appear like marketing materials, which minimizes the chances for your recipients simply tossing them in the trash.
  • Flexibility– Thank You postcards are overwhelmingly flexible. They can be used after a sale and still include a referral form, discount coupon, a short satisfaction survey, and even a flyer of your future business promotions. Moreover, they prove indispensable in reminding your customers that they are not forgotten, and you can even include a gift with a special meaning.
  • They show you care – By taking the time to post a Thank You postcard, your recipients get the feeling that you care and really value them. Even though sometimes running a business is so engaging that you rarely get time to breath, sending your customers a Thank You card shows that you’re not only thankful but also that you have invested your precious time on it. Thus, a simple postcard can be worth more than a $50 gift certificate.

From the foregoing, it is explicitly obvious that using a Thank You postcard is not only great for you, but also for your recipients and the business. Whatever your reason is, only a well-designed and developed Thank You postcard can yield you the desired outcomes. Don’t wait, get yourself a Thank You postcard today and send them out to your customers regularly!