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We at North American Printing truly believe we are THE Salt Lake printing company. We believe our creativity and customer experience beats every other Salt Lake printing company. To strive to be the best and continually improve is what we believe in and push for. There are a lot of printing companies in Salt Lake City area and we feel strongly that we will give you a better experience. We might be a smaller shop, but we have very large capacity.

We started 16 years ago in Salt Lake City specializing in large run custom envelopes. We’ve been known to print as many as half a million envelopes in 8 hours. We still do large scale envelope runs and do it quite often. Over the past 16 years we’ve added a lot of print services to fulfill the needs of our customers.

We print most everything here in our shop instead of We print our own business cards subcontracting that out to another local shop. There is very little we can’t do and we love a challenge. Let me introduce you to just some of things we do and why you’ll have a great experience and have a lot of print options when we become your local print shop in Salt Lake City.

Custom Velvet Touch Business Cards

Velvet touch business cards at the salt lake printing company

These are my personal favorite. Business cards in general are what I have the most fun with. The creative options are endless. Whenever I get a business card from someone in Salt Lake City or a business in the Salt Lake Metropolitan area, I examine it. I look at it really closely because I believe a lot can be learned from someone choice of business card. I know not everyone cares so much about what his/her card looks like, but I do. It says so much about the person’s attention to detail and creativity. At North American Printing we always include the backside of the business card. We believe that too many businesses in Salt Lake don’t take advantage of that real estate. That’s some precious space that could be used from something really original. Something we like to recommend for the reverse side of a business card is a QR code. It’s so much easier to scan a QR code than it is to look at a card and type in the website, or Instagram, or Facebook page. Just put it on a QR code, the person can scan it and the page will automatically popup on the phone. It’s a perfect solution.

Laser Etched Wooden Signs

Laser engraved laser etched wooden panels as the salt lake printing company

I think that these are just the coolest. My family and I go camping a lot in the summertime. We recently picked up a used tent trailer on KSL. We, or I should say my wife mostly, fixed it up to make it our own. I laser etched one of these signs for the trailer inside, then another one that we hang above the door leading into the tent trailer. We can literally laser etch anything you want onto a piece of wood. Go here to our website and choose from among over 100 images we have already loaded for you to pick from. We love laser etched and laser engraved products, in fact there’s not much we can’t etch on. We can laser etch on leather, on wood, on metal, on just about anything. Call us if you have something custom you’d like to have done.

Aluminum Photo Panels

Aluminum panel printing at the salt lake printing company

Oh man, I think these are so amazing looking. If you have a photo that you really want to stand out, put it on a aluminum photo panel. The color on a metal photo print is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Everything about it is better than a traditional print. The reason being is that the black colors can get so dark, this gives every other color to be more vibrant and life like. Plus aluminum photo panels last a lot longer too and they even repel dust. I know, amazing right? Here’s what you need to do, go here to our website and you can upload any image you want, we’ll print it and ship it. What you will need though is a high resolution image, otherwise it won’t turn out very well. If you’re not sure if you have a high resolution or not, go to our site, upload an image, and our system will tell you immediately if the image you uploaded will work or not. Aluminum print photo, also known as metal print photos, look so amazing. You really need to get one, we’d love to print it for you.

Your Salt Lake Printing Company

We do so much more than what I listed above. Over the coming months I’ll be adding more posts like this so you can get a better idea of everything we can do. We truly want to become THE Salt Lake printing company of choice for you and whatever it is you need printed next. If you’re in the area, you can find us at 2325 Decker Lake Blvd.

Let us know what you want printed. Let us know what we need to do to become your print shop of choice so we become known as THE Salt Lake City printing company.

We look forward to hearing from you and making your experience fantastic.


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